Domestic Helpers

Filipino Maid Service

At Agensi Pekerjaan Circle Care SDN BHD, we provide full time filipino maids. 

We provide exceptional training specific to Malaysian needs with a pre-departure awareness seminar covering all duties of our maids. 

Our Filipino maids are "Domestic Helper Certified" under the Philippines government authority (TESDA). 

We provide our Filipino workers through PROMEX INC, a legally registered recruitment agency in the Philippines.

Maid Services

New Maid Hiring

We provide full-time maid services. We can supply Filipino maids who are Muslims and Christians. At the same time, we accept direct hiring of clients' domestic helpers. We can provide change employer service as well. 

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Working Permit Renewal

We do all the services related to working permit renewal, including picking up the maid for a medical checkup, submitting the renewal application and delivering the passport to the employer's house.

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Contract Renewal (Philippines Embassy)

Philippines embassy contract expired? No worries we are here to help you as we can do the new contract and get it ready within a week. 

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Passport Renewal

We can help your maid in filling-up the renewal form and schedule the passport renewal appointment. On the pickup day, we can assist your maid in getting her passport.

Checkout Services

Suppose your maid finishes her contract and needs to go home. In that case, we can do the immigration checkout memo and clear the employer's name in immigration.

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Free Counselling 

Having a problem with the maid? No worries; we are here to help in fixing the situation. Our counselling service is free and valid as long as the contract is valid.

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New Maids Hiring Process

Get Your Maid in 2-3 Month

Biodata Review
(2-3 Days)
Biodata Review

After we send the available biodata, the customer needs to review it and send us the shortlist for an interview.

Our staff will book an online interview with the Philippines agency.

(1 Day)

Selection & Deposit

The customer should select the suitable candidate that suits the requirements.
After the selection, the customer must pay RM 2,000 for the application down payment.

(3-5 Days)


The customer must provide a few documents needed to get immigration approval.

Then, our staff will prepare all the application documents to get the customer's signature.

(2-6 Weeks)
Immigration Approval

We will submit all the needed documents to immigration to get an approval letter.
Once the immigration approves the application, we will process the maid's contract in the Philippines Embassy.
The Second Payment will be due at this step.

Philippines Process
(2 Weeks)
Philippines Side Process

All documents will be dispatched to our partner in the Philippines to process all the legal documents, including the employment certificate and the single entry visa issued by the Malaysian embassy in the Philippines.

Booking & Arrival
(1 Weeks)
Booking & Arrival

Once everything is in order, our Philippines partner will book a flight ticket for your maid. On the arrival date, our staff will pick up your maid from KLIA.  

The Final Payment will be due at this step. 

Post Arrival Services


1-2 Days

Once the maid arrives in Malaysia, our staff will bring her to the FOMEMA centre for post-arrival checkup. 

Working Permit

1-2 Weeks

After we receive the medical results we will submit the medical result, and passport to immigration for working permit issuance. 

Passport Delivery

1-3 Days

Once immigration release the passport we will send it to our customer.

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